Native Instruments VST - Cubase 6.5

Hello All.

Can someone help me with adding VST instruments from Native Instruments into Cubase 6.5 Artist?

I’ve tried going: Device -> VST Instruments -> Add. But “Massive” - The synth from NI doesn’t show up.

/ Viegaard.

Does Massive show up in the “Plug in Information” display? Have you pointed Cubase to the .dll file for Massive?

Can you please explain how I do this? I will be very gratefull.

If the dll is not in your vst plugin folder then: Devices/Plug in Information/VST2 x plug-in path. navigate to the folder where your dll is, Add. Update. You may need to re-open Cubase, not sure.

Go to the menu , then go to , then search the list for the Massive synth.
You should be able to locate the Massive.dll under c:\programs\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64bit.