Native Instruments VSTI issue please help

:nerd: Firstly my running gear is a Core two Duo 3.16 / 4GB RAM / Win7 / Cusbase 6.5.0 / 700GB HD :nerd:

I just installed Native Instruments Komplete8 , So ill tell you what Ive done .

I started a new project Added VSTi MAssive (made a simple bass track) then I coppied the channel put the insert Tonic on the second copy and shefed it off so its just sub
THen I Added Studio Drummer and put down a Drum Track
I performed some compression side chaining between kick and bass tracks
NOw i want to add Halion Sonic LE But i cant open the instument up to change the sounds or even play any sound. Its not working PLease why is this happening??

Another thing is I opened up an old project Pretty much all HAllion sonic and Audio tracks I went to add VSTinstrument MASSIVE and it wont work !! same deal as before on the other project but the other way around!! PLease Why is this happening? and could someone please help me to resolve this issue ??

thanking you all kindly Jimmy Jaimes