Native Instruments & XLN Audio plugins blacklisted

Just installed 10.5. Loving the update content but now have the following issues:

Native instruments Kontakt Player 6.1.1 blacklisted
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol (most recent version as of today) blacklisted
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 blacklisted

All 64bit installs in c:program files\vstplugins<vendorfoldername>

Please let me know if you either a) have the same problem or b) have those plugins working ok (might just be my system!)

Thanks and good luck with the new update…looks really cool once stability / bugs sorted!

there’s been a lot of that - just renable them

Did you run Komplete Kontrol in stand alone before opening it in Cubase? I’m running the latest version of Komplete Kontrol and it works for me.

Thanks for replies dr and David H. Have fixed the issue (weird fix but might hopefully work for other users with similar problems).
Re-enabling didnt work - after re-enabling, I would load an instance on a track and cubase crashed immediately.
Tried opening in standalone also also and no fix.

BUT I then wondered as a (very) long shot if any background programs in windows might impact cubase. Didnt think this would work but success…

I disabled AVG antivirus, Acronis Ransomware protection and microsoft onedrive from launching on windows start up (they sit active in my taskbar on the right hand side). Opened cubase, re-enabled blacklisted plugins, rescanned (cubase crashed immediately), reopened cubase and all blacklisted plugins are now whitelisted! Happy days. Not sure which of those 3 background programs is the culprit but will narrow it down to the guilty party. Weird, as it doesnt affect launching plugins in Ableton at all, just cubase. Maybe a sentinel thing.

Anyways, thought I’d feedback as it might solve a problem for any other users who are having blacklist issues with none of the usual fixes working. Good luck…

thanks for reporting back - that sounds a little odd ?

even if cubase doesn’t generate a crash log, windows itself logs crashes - you probably don’t care at this stage but looking through the windows logs sometimes tells you where the crash happened.

SB have changed something recently that means it’s much more aggressive about blacklisting plugins - there was an issue with the older ilok driver that was partly to blame but it doesn’t explain the problems with NI and XLN plugs.

either way, as long as it’s fixed it usually best to get on with life and put it down to “one of those things” :slight_smile: