Native Instruments

I have sought technical support on this from NI already

but thought someone on here might know how to correct this.

I have updated certain libraries, Scarbee bass, Upright piano in particular where I have found the problem.

The download I got for my Kontakt 4, was actualy intended as only for kontakt 5 (didnt spot a warning), now these libraries wont work for me in kontakt 4.

I need to know how to get back to the working library, The installation cds do not indidcate which disks are the library and which would ‘fully re install’ which I didnt want to really do, as my re install would prob mean a Komplete 7 as this is the package I have bought

can anyone tell me where my computer might have stored the version 4, so i can re install that off my system if I can

Native Instruments have replied.

You can use Kore 5, to play the libraries that now wont work in Kontakt 4.

OR - re install the Kontakt library from my discs as these will be for version 4

Considering the service centre sent me the update I am disgusted at this.

And why in your opinion does this need to be posted in the Cubase forum…?

Cos I use Cubase and I have a problem with Kontakt updating itself in an un helpful way by Native Instruments. My post explains why

sorry to take up valuable ‘cubase forum’ I see you have taken quite some yourself.


U came to the right place no one should come down on you that was rude. I would do the same and hope that someone in a trusted forum might be able to lend a helping hand…Thanks for sharing your issues w/NI its good to know!

Actually this more belongs in the “VST Instruments and Virtual Effects Plug-ins” forum under “VST Instruments and Virtual Effects (general)” sub-forum.

I do believe that’s what thinkingcap was saying.

May even get moved there by the mods.

Thanks Guys

I have no issues with anyone, and expect to be treated likewise. I’m glad to see you think like me :smiley:

I think that posting in subjects areas where applicable can sometimes be a matter of perspective at the time you are having the problem.

I think we are sometimes judged by the post count, ie 100 ish posts makes you a junior, so this means you are a numpty

2000 posts means you know much and are very wise, its not that simple…

I think post count can be interpreted in a number of ways. A forum user could have a low post count because he/she keeps a low profile unless he/she… a) knows how to help, or b) is aking for help

Some users have a high post count because they truly are guru like, some just spend a lot of time on here (so users can irritate them), and theres everything in between of course

I come here for help and I am very thankful to people who take the time to try to give help, and if I am sure I know how, I will help too…

I know my way around cubase these days, but occasionally have things I can’t solve, so I ask, but I have a low post count because I make music mostly, and need My community for support in times of trouble!

I respect people with high post counts, BUT only if their posts relate to helping or needing help some just treat the forum as a playground that they rule because they are always on here

I see a lot of posts that go over old ground time over and I leave them to it, if thats what they want then fine…

I look at some people’s issues and think they need to read the manual, or think things through, but we all make music in our own ways, and we are all Cubase users so I live and let live… A small problem to one user is a big deal to another user!

This is a forum for all, if you dont like a post but there’s nothing offensive in it. keep your negative reaction for another day, and read the next post you might be happy with, or better still go make some music if you dont have any technical issues to solve why are you living on here unless you are a moderator or work for Steinberg?

Read this thread if you want to see why I get annoyed with some peoples comments, and read peoples profiles and post counts and how long members, does ‘senior’ mean what its meant to mean?.. does junior mean what it implies…?

you decide :wink:

This is Cubase.

Make Music.
Not forum flame wars.


What does this mean lol? “I just took off my thinkingcap, it got filled up with too much crap…”