Native instruments

I am currently using Native instruments (Session Horns Pro, Session Horns Pro, Vintage Organs and Session Drummer). Now all of these VST’s work fine in stand alone mode ,but when I try to access them via cubase 6 I get the message ‘This patch was generated by a newer version of the application. Upgrade your copy to load the patch’. Now I have upgraded cubase 6 and checked all the upgrades of each VST. and I keep getting the same message. Any help would be much appreciated.

Captain Methane

you don’t have the same version of kontakt between the stand alone and the VST

This is most likely correct… :slight_smile:
The OP said that he updated the NI software. Now he/she just needs to make sure that the new updated file for the plug-in (.dll for windows) is the one being pointed to in CB. The old and new .dll files will probably have the same name so look for the file with the latest date and either copy it into the path CB looks to (where the old .dll file is so the new .dll overwrites the old one) or add the path/location of the newest .dll file to CB. If you do the later make sure to delete the old .dll file or remove the path from CB so that it does not pick up both .dll files.

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