Native Instuments please continue to support the Pro-53!

Would you be willing to pay for support of the Pro-53 (if it were available)?

  • Yes, definitely . I’m In!
  • No. Leave it in the past!

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This is the best software version of Sequential Circuits Prophet V I have used to date and sadly it is no longer supported by Native Instruments so we are stuck with a 32bit version of in a world where Steinberg are about to abandon ship on 32bit.

Yes you can use a bit bridge but it is limited and was only ever useful to bridge a gap for users whilst developers migrated from 32 to 64 bit.

Please at the very least give us a 64 bit version guys. Is anyone else with me on this? I for one would pay for it (within reason)

Let’s see a show of hands for who is interested

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pffft is supposed to be used for important stuff, things that really matter to people, not this drivel :imp:


In the words of David Cameron in the run up to the EU referendum when some woman launched an attack on him within about a foot of where he was stood, for no apparent reason than she was a horrible woman, and it was in a controlled environment, with the greatest of restraint he said words to the effect, well I shan’t be getting your vote shall I?

To all pollsters, if possible could you elaborate here on the reason for your vote so I can get a better understanding

Pro-53 was released almost 15 years ago. Analog synth emulation has improved massively since then, so you can be sure that there’s a better P5 emulation available. There’s also thousands of other virtual analog synths that you can use instead.

Please don’t waste people’s time with this stuff.