Native LFO Plugin in Cubase Pro

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum but not to Steinberg’s software. I actually remember running Cubase on an Atari 500 Computer back in 1995-96 :grin: but I can’t remember the version number, it must have been 1.x or 2.x something. Those were the days, haha. However, that is not my issue here.

I know there have been a lot of other questions about LFOs here but they seemed to have to do with solving the lack of an LFO by utilizing automation. But this is a pure FEATURE REQUEST (and not a complaint.) Cubase is great but it lacks one most fundamental piece… the Low-Frequency Oscillators!

I wonder why (and this is directed to the Steinberg Dev. Team) even after all these years, Cubase Pro still is missing a native LFO Plugin. This is such a simple and frequently used tool with such a wide application and the Steinberg Developer Team are for sure very much aware of this so there has to be a reason why they have not implemented one yet whatever that reason may be.

We are now up at version 13 of the “Professional” version in which one definitely would have expected to find such a tool by now in one of the world’s most (if not the most) famous and loved DAWs. But still no LFOs. Why not make it even better and implement LFOs so that we can modulate the parameters on the native and third-party plugins with ease instead of trying to emulate it with automation, which, I grant you this, is easier than ever before in version 13 but sooo static! Please, try to emulate a slowly rising sine wave into audio rate with automation without stepping the increase in “speed” - you will go nuts! It is just not possible.

Currently, if we want these features we NEED a third-party plugin for this and often these “home developers” don’t stop with a basic LFO, but try to implement as much as possible in their software and make rich tools out of it instead that will raise the $'s when we wish to buy it - and all we wanted was the simple LFO function with some presets of waves and shapes to get started with our thing.

PLEASE Steinberg - give us a plugin of an LFO that can be added many times, like your other plugins, so that they work independently from each other. I am a Metal and Techno musician and in Techno the LFO is of high value and I’m definitely not alone there :smile: and it would be a very appreciated tool for all kinds of users to add to your already great toolbox.

Thanks for this forum and for letting me express my thoughts!

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