Native plug-ins RESIZE option? Hell, nahhh!

Hi, Steinberg!

Could you make your plug-ins resizable? If you want us to use your “TRASH GUI” plugins, could yall make, guys at least the possibility to resize 'em, please!

I can’t use your EQs such: studio and frequency because of their tiny size, also those eqs has huge bottom buttons! Why I can’t hide those buttons and manipulate with spectrum window? Like I do with FABFILTER’s stuff!

2 posts of similar concern back to back??? Hahaha!!! That’s funny

Seriously though, I feel you but you may want to post it in the Feature Requests and Suggestions area. May want to re-phrase it a bit also so they’ll take it as a serious legitimate request as opposed to a perceived rant.

Good luck :wink:

I’ll sleep on it! Thnx, but there is no feature request poll.