Native VST 3 plug-ins of REV-X and Sweet Spot Morphing!!

Please Steinberg !.Any chance of giving your LOYAL customers a break here, and giving the MRX users these plugins FREE !! as you do with the UR series users. These plugins were firstly in the MRX series, DO you have any idea how aggrieved the plethora of MRX users feel, by you only giving these plugins for free to UR series users!.

We feel like Test panel Guinea Pigs, while you sorted out your internal working arrangment with Yamaha!.

Have you not learned the marketing tactics of trying to avoid alienating your Hardware users! :wink:

MAKE THESE PLUGIN S AVAILABLE TO THE LARGE MRX USER BASE AS A SHOW OF GOOD FAITH…and try & keep people relatively interested in purchasing anymore Hardware. I refused to purchase any CMC units as a stand against you turning your head against the MRX users…( I have 3 of them) …useless in a recording environ without an RME card to aid in direct monitoring. I know Chris passed this on to Upper management but this was a while ago…& all im doing here is chasing it up!.

…“walks calmy out the shop, head held high , indignant, and feeling aggrieved again by purchasing Steiny Hardware”…

please feel free to move this into the “derelict Hardware forum”…where it will dissapear in the dust again. :laughing:

also it would be nice if ONLY MRX users responded to this post, to avoid railroading this subject, as only after spending 800…OR over 2500gbp on these cards (I have 3 of them) do you fully understand the grievance!.