Natural Harmonic Playback


I’ve seen another post that recommends a solution to this, but it didn’t work in my case, so I’m curious to get some troubleshooting here.

I’m writing for strings, and I want the violin to play the 5th harmonic on the E string (so G#7 not-quite-in-tune). I’ve written it in Dorico, selected the natural harmonic in the properties panel, and selected the 5th node. This still, however, plays as a C#6. Another post mentioned turning on the String option in the Notes and Rests panel, however it won’t let me select it.

Also, Dorico is marking the note as “out of range”, though this is a (to my knowledge) perfectly capable harmonic/note to produce…

I feel as though I’m missing something key here to ensure proper playback. Any help is much appreciated!

“Node” doesn’t mean “harmonic” here - it means which one of the various touch points you’re trying to use. (There is a separate property called “Partial” which does specify the harmonic, but that’s only used on artificial harmonics.) However, Dorico doesn’t use the “node” property for playback, although that has been requested - it mainly uses it for drawing guitar tablature. At the moment Dorico will only play back white-diamond noteheads correctly if they use the first touch point (the one closest to the nut) so in this case if you have a written white-diamond G# that would play back OK, but not the C#.