Natural harmonics and 8va line placement

I’ve encountered a situation that I don’t know if it’s correct, but it seems odd to me.
The natural harmonics should be below the 8va line, yet Dorico by default places them above. I tried to look up this situation in Gould but I couldn’t find it, so I don’t know it that’s actually correct or not.
No big deal, since I’ve already adjusted them in Engrave mode.

Ah yes! A thorn in my side. This has to do with the fact that harmonics are playing techniques and therefore behave this way in an obligate manner. Tucking index won’t work. From what I understand, the technical issue here is a difficult one, especially after having implement techniques line. I have heard it may be a long while before this gets fixed.

However, I have used a stopgap, non-sanctioned workaround on occasions when I really don’t have the time to deal with this manually. I take one of the unused articulation, such as “unstressed”, and replace it with the harmonics circle using the Symbols Editor in Engrave Mode. The 'harmonics" it then behaves as an articulation, which is closer to reality; but of course it doesn’t play back!

Thanks Claude!
I should note that I’ve used the new harmonics function, not the playing technique, although I guess the issue is similar.

Yes. Even though it is now a note property, the natural harmonic, under the hood, is still a playing technique

For playback, can one go with Claude’s technique and then hide the actual harmonic symbols above the line?

I have a very similar problem with breath marks.
There are some news about this issue?

I’m afraid not, no. For the time being you have to adjust these marks in Engrave mode.