Natural harmonics condensing

Hello Dorico community,

I encounter what seems to be a small issue concerning natural harmonics when condensing individual players.
I have two flute players both paying natural harmonics on different notes, but same duration. When I use condensing, everything looks good except the fact that only one harmonic circle is showing above the “chord”. Is there a way to set it to show two (as it would in the case of a double-harmonic of, say, a string instrument)? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the preferences…

Thank you in advance!

Edit: You don’t need to change the harmonics from note properties to playing techniques.

Hi Zeenor,

What you could do is add a condensing change where you set the condensing approach to manual and set the different flute parts to different stem directions, plus make sure that the Allow amalgamation for playing techniques tickbox is unticked. The result will look like this:
Screenshot 2022-02-22 194429 Dorico condensing harmonics

Yeah, I was able to achieve that result as well, but I don’t find it graphically appealing (it’s a big orchestra, and I avoid manual condensing as much as possible), so I was wondering if there were a way of getting it different.

But maybe there isn’t, thank you anyway for your reply though!

Actually, if you really want two harmonic rings on top of each other while the flutes share their stems (which I would not recommend), you could input the harmonics both as playing techniques and note properties. Then, in the flute parts, just hide the harmonics that are playing techniques.

Here is the result:
Screenshot 2022-02-23 195604 Dorico condensing harmonics 2

Edit: Or you can simply add two similar playing techniques to each flute and hide one of them in the parts.

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