Natural Harmonics confusion

Greetings All,

I’m wondering if someone can provide some clarity on the notation of natural harmonics in Dorico. I’ve searched the documentation and the forum for answers, but haven’t found anything that answers my question.

Dorico’s documentation says that it can accurately calculate harmonics through the 6th partial, but I keep running into situations where an expected harmonic is not available on a string in Dorico, even I know it’s available on the actual instrument. For example, E4 should be available as the 5th partial on a cello’s C string, but Dorico is only showing up as available on the A string.

The option in the properties panel to select the partial seems to only be available for artificial harmonics. As soon as I select “natural”, the option goes away. I’ve tried experimenting with the node option, thinking that perhaps that’s is how you might be directed to select the partial, but this doesn’t seem to be affecting the note in any way.

(I’ve been using the white diamond noteheads).

Assuming there’s a solution for the above, I’d also be curious to know if there is a way to select which node activates a given partial, since partial 3 and onward can be accessed through different nodes, which has implications for the playability of a passage.

Thanks in advance, as always,