Natural harmonics playback

Is it possible to make this harmonic sound the right pitch in NotePerformer and Dorico 3.5 or 4? (i.e. an octave and a fifth higher than written, as shown in grace notehead.) Workarounds are also welcome as long as the notation can be the same. The ‘node’ property doesn’t seem to do anything? Artificial harmonics sound right and so do natural harmonics at the octave node, but not these natural harmonics on other nodes. The playback works when I write it as an artificial harmonic with the open d as base pitch but that’s not as it should be done… Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 13.39.57

Try switching on the String toggle in the Notes & Rests section of the properties (it should default to string 3(D4))

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That was it, thanks!