Navigate - add up not working

It works fine in 12 - the note gets moved up an octave, but in 13, it justs move the note one semitone, which is obviously the same as using the Up key without shift

It’s not my keyboard as i loaded 12 just before and all ok

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I saw similar report yesterday. It was fixed by restarting Cubase 13.

Hi Martin,

I tried that :slight_smile:

More than once

I also tried resetting the key command, to the same one, but that didn’t work either

What did work ( i have just got back on the computer), was to change the up and down key commands to \ and /
and that worked

I then tried to try reverting back to Shift Up arrow etc, but that didn’t work, so i am happy with \ and / at the moment


I can confirm that Shift+arrow up or down does not move midi notes and Octave up or down.

Its the little things like this - a beta test before release would have caught it. It must be a bug. Anyone from steinberg care to comment?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

CONFIRMED: Windows 10 Pro / Cubase 13.0.10

  1. When using ‘Shift’ modifier and pressing the up/down keys to select more than one track, it simply moves the selection instead of adding to the selection.
  2. When using ‘Shift’ modifier and pressing left/right keys to select multiple channels on the mixer, it simply moves the selection to the next channel across instead of adding to the selection.
  3. When using ‘Shift’ modifier to move a note one octave instead of a semi-tone, it moves the note a semi-tone as if Shift wasn’t held down.

EDIT: When holding the ‘Shift’ modifier and clicking on multiple channels on the mixer, the modifier works as intended. It just doesn’t appear to work when using the arrow keys.

Restarting Cubase (including the Hub) doesn’t seem to fix the issue for me.


Could you please ZIP and share your preferences folder? I’m wondering, if I can reproduce it with your preferences folder.

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I can confirm SHIFT+Arrow up/down not moving notes an octave. In both in the lower zone editor and Edit-in-place.
This is (was) a very important feature for me.

No need to confirm. Some users have the prob, others don’t. I do not.

What might be helpful is to tell the forum what happens when your rule out corrupt preferences by starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences

@horsetags to be clear, the command is not Navigate → Add UpThat command adds to the selection.

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Thank you. I’m adding to the pile a bit, sorry about that.
I’ve tried safe mode and also deleted preferences, to no avail. All my current projects were started in C12. I see Steinberg is aware of this so hopefully we’ll see a fix coming.

Starting with preferences disabled (in Safe Mode), the same behaviour is exhibited on my system (Windows 10 Pro x64 / Cubase 13.0.10).

I just removed the Preferences folder completely to allow it to reform. The issue still persists.

It’s been persistent for me since the beginning of installing Cubase 13. A reinstall doesn’t fix it.

[Windows 10 Pro x64 (build 19044) / Intel i9 9900X / Cubase Pro 13.0.10]

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Not really, as far as I know. Because it’s not reproducible in any system. Therefore I asked for the (ZIPed) preferences folder. Maybe even the project (at least one track).

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Thanks very much, @Martin.Jirsak. DM sent.

@steve @Martin.Jirsak

Hi guys. I found a workaround (works for me) and a ‘potential’ cause for the bug.

I’ve figured out that on my system this issue is resolved when I alt-tab to to the Hub window and click the “Cancel” button to close it (while keeping Cubase 13 windows open, obviously).

When I go to Hub–> Open Hub, the issue comes back and I can no longer use Shift+arrow keys to select multiple channels, and can no longer move notes up and down a whole octave in MIDI editor.

Hope this helps to track down the bug.

Cheers, Jim.

[Windows 10 Pro x64 / Cubase 13.0.10]

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Got it!

If I reduce it to this brief statement, is it correct?

When the Hub is open and displays the Cancel button, the Shift+Arrow keys

  1. Do not multiple select tracks.
  2. Do not transpose midi notes by an octave

Yes, that’s correct. There are other Shift+arrow selections that also don’t work when the Hub is open and displays a Cancel button, such as selecting multiple automation points.

Hi @jim_griff ,

Thank you for sharing this. Do I understand it correctly, you have the Hub open while you are working on the project? In this case the Shift + Arrow doesn’t work?



I don’t understand why the Hub is open while working on the project? :thinking:

It occurs, for example: When the hub is open and a file is opened from the Windows File Explorer, the hub remains open.

I have also seen the hub having the Quit button active when a project is open, (it should be the Cancel button, of course) but I don’t have a repro precisely for that.

Is this not the case on Mac?