Navigate - add up not working


I can confirm, the Shift + Arrow doesn’t work, if the Hub is open (even on Mac).

Great finding, @jim_griff , thank you!

Now, the question is, if the Hub is the only window, which blocks the Shift key to work. I tried to open around 1000 different Cubase windows, I haven’t found any other blocker.

@Present , @horsetags , @sonicmayhem , could you please send a screenshot of all your screens, once this issue occurs? I’m going to search for another window(s), doing this.


Hi Martin, I suspect that consuming Shift should have to do with just the Hub, for example for avoiding multiple selection (by design I guess). Probably during development, the procedure described by @steve (opening using the file explorer while the Hub is there) was a bit overlooked and this may explain also this:

But sure, it’s reasonable to check if other windows consume this one too :slight_smile:

As a workaround, once we have a project opened using the file explorer, we can go to to the Hub and choose File->Close. The opened project won’t be affected, it will just close the Hub.


For me, I use the Hub’s “File → Open” to open my projects. The Hub remains open in the background after the project has been opened.

In terms of the “Quit Cubase” button remaining, I somehow managed to make it occur last night, but didn’t think to report that behaviour. Today, the Quit Cubase button won’t appear, no matter what I do. I’ll report back if I manage to trigger that one.

I can also confirm this. I tried to use Shift+Right to select multiple automation events, to no avail. I followed the advice to close the Hub, and now the Shift+Right works as intended. I am puzzled as to how and why the Hub being open affects this… - Now, at least, I have found a way around it. Thanks for the tip!

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FIXED In the latest update to Cubase 13 Pro, the Hub closes down automatically whenever you load or create a project, which solves the problem. Latest update is very stable, BTW.

It is unfixed for me. I keep having to close the Hub every single time, and sometimes it has the “Quit Cubase” button still showing, so I have to go into Window options then close it and it shows the “Cancel” button as normal.


Could you please let me know, how do you come to the state, the Hub remains open?

Btw, in the next update, this should be minimized and the Hub should close in more use cases.

After trying this again a few times, I noted that the Hub closes when you start a new project, and stays open when loading up an existing project into Cubase.

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Do you open the project from Hub? Or do you open Hub and then load the project from the File > Open…, or File > Recent Projects menu?