Navigate after editing or selecting chord symbols


Not sure if this has been discussed or not.
After editing/adding chord symbols or selecting a chord symbol, the arrow keys don’t function at all. And also “escape” key doesn’t help to go back to normal navigation mode. It sort of ruins the idea of minimizing the use of mouse in Dorico.

Is there a way that I can continue to use arrow key to navigate again after the focus/cursor stuck on chord symbols (without using the mouse to click on somewhere)


Hit Tab. This behaviour all changed in Dorico 3, so it’s well worth reading up on it on page 100 of the Version History.

Thanks for your help and that p. 100 of the Version History does explained this subject in detail. However, hitting tab doesn’t seem to have any effect for me. No cycling through different type of object, etc. I am on Dorico Pro 3.1.

One limitation is that you can’t navigate from a System-attached object to a Staff-attached object.

Thanks again leo!

There is one passage in the version history that says “…, but having selected a system-attached item, you can still type ←or →to select the previous or next item of the same type.” I found out that this does not work with chord symbols. Really hope this could be improved in the future.

You can navigate between chord symbols with the left and right arrow keys. What you can’t do, as Leo points out, is hop between a system-attached item and a staff-attached item at the moment, but we’ll plan to do something about that.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your help! On my last post, I mentioned that arrow keys don’t work when chord symbols are selected. I created a new project and the arrow keys work as described when chord symbols are selected. I am wondering if it is because the file I am working on was imported with xml.

Is it possible that you can check my file to see what is causing this problem?

Thank you again!

Of course, please feel free to zip it up and attach it here and I’ll gladly take a look.

The file is too large to be attached here. I will use google drive instead.


Sorry to take a couple of days to come back to you. You’ll find that you can navigate between the chord symbols in the part layouts, but not in the full score layout. This is because in the full score layout, the chord symbols are set to appear above specific players’ staves, while in the parts they’re set to appear above the top staff in the system. For boring technical reasons Dorico can’t tell the chord symbols shown on particular staves apart from each other, so it doesn’t know where to look for the next one. We hope to improve this in a future version, but it will first require some changes to the way selections work in Write mode. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I have the same problem with files that I imported from musicxml (finale). There’s no way to navigate between the chord symbols.
It works as expected with new files created in Dorico!

One more thing. It doesn’t work if you set the position of the chord symbols to “between staves” ,in the engraving options.

Since this is an XML import, are you sure you are dealing with chord symbols (as Dorico defines them) rather than a text representation of chord names?

MGil, you should read my reply immediately before your post. That explains the reason why you can navigate between chord symbols in some projects and not in others.

Thanks for your attention.