Navigate from slur to next note

I’ve imported some string quartets that are unfortunately only in midi format, so I’m manually adding slurs to the parts right now. It would save a ton of time if I was able to input a slur on some notes, and push a single button to select the the following note after the slurred selection. The current behavior, wherein one pushes tab, is more time-consuming (for this task at least) because tabbing takes me to the first note of the slurred selection, and I then push right through the selection to get to the next one. And I must tab through multiple items if there’s a tuplet number or other element in the selection. So 3-10 button presses versus one.

I have searched and read some threads from a few months ago that seemed to suggest this hadn’t been solved, so I thought I’d ask if there is another key press to work around this. For monotonous tasks like inputting slurs from an existing score, this would make a big difference. Thanks so much!

You’re not missing anything; this is the current behavior. I would like to see this relaxed as well, for exactly the same scenario.

I will see if I can make it such that when you navigate right or left from a slur, if no next or previous slur can be found, Dorico will navigate onto the note after the slur (moving right) or before the slur (moving left). Obviously if you have subsequent slurs, Dorico will still prefer to navigate to them, though. But for working left to right inputting slurs after having input the notes, this should work well.

Dear Daniel,
In the same scope, I would love that pressing r while a slur is selected (and covers x notes) would create a new slur spanning over x notes, but starting on the note after the end of the selected slur. Because now, it’s starting the new slur on the end-slur-note, which is rather less usual and prevents me from using r. My 2 cents.

Unfortunately that’s really not in the same scope at all, but I certainly understand the requirement.

Daniel, this would be fantastic!!