Navigate instrument selection on add track with MIDI Remote or anything else?

MIDI Remote provides a function to add a new instrument track, but I don’t see any way at that point to either select or cycle through available instruments from a controller using MIDI Remote. Is this in any way possible?

If it is not directly possible with MIDI Remote, is it possible through extended scripting, or is there a way to use a simultaneous combination of Generic Remote settings and MIDI Remote functions for the same controller?

I’ve tested I can do this with a Eucon controller, but Avid/Euphonix are incredibly rare or impossible to get in Mexico where I’m at for the moment, otherwise I would.

Things like this are incredibly high on my needs list, as I want to touch the mouse as little as possible at any point in time in my workflow. Any help or insight that allows me to get this working would be greatly appreciated, and thank you.