Navigate plug-in menu w/ up/down arrow keys

Hi there,

This is a very simple feature request that would be very useful. When inserting a plug-in, I always use the search field. What a great feature! :slight_smile: Now, when I have typed a few characters and have a result, I would love to be able to just press the arrow-down key on my keyboard to start navigating the search result, and insert the desired plugin by pressing return.

As it is now, I need to take my hands from the keyboard and select the plug-in with the mouse. Which is, of course, not a big deal. But it could be so much more convenient.



Have you tried hitting Tab, and then selecting with the arrow keys on the keyboard?

Yeah hit tab first and it works, but I agree it should work without having to hit tab.

While for me hitting Tab is fine, as that’s how navigating fields works in general on computers, to fully clarify this FR, the request is for the down arrow key to move the focus out of the search field and into the list.

Obviously I have not tried this, since it works! :slight_smile: Though this is going to be good enough for me, I don’t think this is the most intuitive way to me. Just look at how the search field on this page works.
(And I would like to be able to use alt-Tab to go back to editing the search field.)
Thanks @steve!

In Windows, Alt+Tab is used to switch between applications so I think that would be a poor choice.

AFAIK tab is used ubiquitously to navigate focus between form objects so the current implementation feels intuitive to me.

You’re right! I mean shift-tab. It is in my fingers, not in my conscious mind… :slight_smile: /Petter

+1 Please make this possible. At some point it worked (can’t remember if it was when I was on mac or PC), but was much easier to navigate to a plugin.