Navigate. Selections


how can I navigate in Dorico without the mouse from one stave to the other in a score? From one bar to the next (not just from one note to the next…)? Is there an option: “Go to bar #”?
Selections: is it possibe to select in bigger steps (without the mouse!): in bar steps, the whole stave, expanding into 2,3… staves?
Can I select the first/second voice in a stave (for deleting, copying)?
When I have a score where there are two players in one staff: how can I split the staff into two staves for the to players?

Dynamics: is it possible to insert multiple dynamics to a selection of an orchestra score? So that Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon… get their forte in one step?

Is it possible to get selections of dynamics, articulations for copying to another place in the score?

Regards, Wolfgang

I’m afraid that the tools for selecting are pretty rudimentary at the moment, Wolfgang, but we will be working hard to address these kinds of use cases in the next few weeks and I hope we will quickly have something a bit easier to handle.

One thing I can’t figure out, closely related… If I’m in write mode and nothing is selected, how can I use the keyboard to initiate a selection. For example, go to Engrave Mode and click on a text box (to ensure no music is under selection). Now hit Command-2 to go to Write Mode. Must I now use the mouse to select some rest or note or can I use the computer-keyboard to enter into a measure and start entering notes.

I’m afraid you can’t initiate a selection using only the arrow keys just yet. We will definitely address this at some point soon.