Navigate to bar x command (without a macro)

To locate the cursor to — say — bar 500, one would create this macro:

  1. Locate the cursor to the Project Start
  2. Nudge +1 Bar
  3. Nudge +1 Bar
    etc, 'till you reach a number of 500 nudge commands

I’ve tried to see if there’s anything I can use in the Project Logical Editor. No luck.
Is there something I’ve missed?

My goal: to locate the Project Cursor to bar 500 using a MIDI message as a trigger.


Hit Shift+P (Transport > Enter Project Cursor Position) and type the new position, where you want to jump to.

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This is a great feature, but I need to run Cubase minimized (with the window inactive). It’s the reason why I’m asking if it’s possible to create a PLE preset to navigate to bar 500.
Thanks for the answer anyway.


As far as I know, it’s not possible to move the Cursor by using PLE, sorry.

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Why don’t you use Markers alin?

If I was writing big scores, I would do it like this. Insert markers where I want a rehearsal mark. Then, use Select Scores > Advanced Layout > Marker Track to Form, so that the markers show up in the score as rehearsal marks.

Then, it’s a matter of navigating the markers via generic remote.


Using O-S-C, I’ve created a mechanism (similar to what @Martin.Jirsak suggested) that allows me to jump to any bar by entering a number on my Windows 10 tablet (useful when Cubase is minimized).

GIF (O-S-C keypad)

go to bar with O-S-C

The problem with my mechanism is that it can’t locate the cursor to bar 500 without locating it to Project Start first. As if that’s not bad enough, I’ve found out that macros containing [Transport Nudge +1 Bar] or [Transport Nudge -1 Bar] commands don’t work. :crying_cat_face:

If I could locate the cursor to the end of my project (and not by using the marker track), i.e. to bar 500, I could tweak the script in such a way that it will calculate the fastest route to the bar that I want Cubase to start the playback from.

I don’t mind if the Project Logical Editor can’t be upgraded to a higher degree.
Thanks anyway!



It looks really nice, @alin89c !

I have to say, this is for the first time, I’m thinking’s, it would be handy, if Cubase could receive MIDI Time Code (MTC), so you can send dedicated MIDI messages to jump over to the specific position.

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