Navigate to positions

In Dorico 3, I frequently have to navigate to positions in the score where I want to start playback from. It looks like adding Markers in Play mode to these spots, and then being able to navigate between them might speed this up. But I’d like to set markers in Write mode (since I don’t work in Play mode) and be able to navigate to prior and next markers with a custom key command that I create. Is anything like this available in Write mode? I recall in Sib, that I could create Rehearsal Marks and navigate to prior and next marks with a key command.

Do you know about Ctrl/Cmd-G? Navigate to bar.

Also, when you have a Rehearsal Mark selected in Write mode, hitting the right and left arrows will take you to the next or previous rehearsal mark.

You can add a marker in Write mode by typing Alt+Y to bring the playhead to the position of the current selection, then type Shift+Alt+M to add a marker there. You can then play back from there by selecting the marker, and typing P.

As FredGUnn said, you can navigate through items of a particular type now in Write mode (Dorico 3). You can also cycle through different items at a particular rhythmic position, e.g. if you have a note selected, you can press Tab to cycle through having a dynamic, slur, or playing technique selected if they also exist at the same position.

There are also other options, as Dan mentioned, about navigating directly to a specific bar, page, or flow in the current layout.

Thank you, is there a key command or can I create a custom key command to go to prior or next marker from where the playhead is or anywhere selected in the score? I recall doing this in Cubase.

There’s no specific command to navigate to the next or previous marker, but I believe it should be the case (though I haven’t tried it myself right this minute) that selecting a marker and hitting right/left arrow should navigate to the next/previous one.