Navigate to the next/previous page using only the black rectangle

Please allow this black rectangle to go to the next/previous page. Thank you.

GIF (black rectangle navigating from stave to stave)

black rectangle

just an fyi – you know about it’s function when you double-click?

Personally, I think that’s not the right type of control for that, since it refers to the staves, not the page.

But apparently, there might be a bug… @alin89c Care to try this repro?

Set the pref as shown in the image then

  1. Open a Score Layout with multiple tracks.
  2. double-click on the bar
    View should switch to single layout
  3. double click again
    should switch back, but here it does not.

I think this might be a long-standing bug, or it’s conceivable I misinterpret the function.

Funny thing: it’s exactly what I was trying to figure out right now. In fact, I was preparing to reply that I can’t get back to the score (from the part) by double-clicking the black rectangle…

ah… okay, I’ll make a report, we’ll see what’s up. Or not.


@steve I’ve just checked: it’s broken since Cubase 11. So it happens that it is indeed a bug. :+1:t4:

@alin89c regarding your request, you don’t have Page Up/Down keys on your computer, right?

I’m trying to write a script that would store the number of bars on each staff (system), then – after inserting empty bars somewhere in the middle of the piece – restore the bar number on each stave after the insertion point. My script would be a workaround to this unanswered post:

But wasn’t the problem that they didn’t use the Layout and Project layers in the way needed for their objective, and also that they should have used the Process Bars dialogue? (I didn’t see that post before)

Or what am I missing?

You’re missing the fact that bars don’t stay locked to their corresponding staff/system. When the Process Bars dialogue is used to insert bars in the beginning of a finished score, inserted bars take the place of old bars.



The two bars should’ve been inserted on a new system (the ideal solution).

I’ve said:

I’m ok with this behavior (with systems not staying locked when bars are inserted using the Process Bars dialogue)! The problem is that there’s no easy way to restore the old settings (the bar-count per system setting). Yes, there’s the Auto Layout dialog, but that will mess up the distance between staves, making it even harder to restore what you’ve manually tweaked…

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I’m just looking for a solution.

I don’t really hear any complaining at all. One thing to note is the Score editor is designed to be worked in in the order:

  1. add/edit all notes,
  2. switch to Page Mode and format layouts.

Of course I don’t work like that, and doubt many people do.

When I need to have things on a certain page I use a separate set of tracks, since layouts are based on sets of tracks, and thus I can keep the layouts intact.

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