Navigate/Top Moves Selected Event one Event Over [Solved]

Why does Cubase behave like this? Is there a way of changing it or getting around it. Below I have a few tracks that I want to preview and move one section at a time to a Comp track. I have set up a key command to loop through the tracks. Great so far. I then Navigate/Top command and the focus goes to the top track. BUT WHY does the selected event change to the next event? To me it should just stay where it was. It messes up the flow of doing this quickly.

  1. I want that high lighted chunk to move to the comp track.

  1. Press Navigate/Top and the highlighted event moves one over. Why? Is this a bug or just poor behavior? Is there any way to get around it?


If any Part or event is selected in the Project window, this has higher priority. So if this is selected and you trigger Navigate > Top, then this command is used for the selection. So the “top” (first) event becomes selected.

If there is no Part or Event selected, then the Track is considered as selected and the “top” (first) track would become selected.

You could make a Macro:
Edit > Select None
Navigate > Top

This would do, what you expect. If any Part/Event would be selected in the project, this would become unselected and then the Navigate > Top would be triggered for the track selection. If there wouldn’t be any Part/Event selected before you trigger this Macro, the Select None function would be ignored and you would again jump to the top of the tracks.

I hope this will work for you.

Martin, thanks for your reply. I did want you suggested and I’m a bit closer. What I need to do now is select the event under the cursor for the track that is solo so that I can move the event to the selected comp track.


What is needed is for this event to be selected under the cursor so that it can be moved to the comp track

This would be the end result after the move. If I could figure out a way to keep the bit I want to move highlighted or selected after the move. I tried the PLE but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it.

This is not a vocal comp but bits of dialogue that needs to be assembled.

Thanks for your help and guidance.

Martin, under the key commands Project/Select Track: Prev works to move the selection of the track up one track at a time without changing the selected event state. In a manual way I can move the selection up to the “comp” track and then move selected event to selected track.

In my case I have like 30 tracks of dialogue. So of like I need a way to move the track up . Maybe I could put this command in a macro 50 times and it would just stop at the top track.

Martin, this actually works!!
Make a macro with many Select Track:Prev commands as you need and then add the “Move to Selected Track” command at the end.

Maybe this will help someone else trying to do this sort of thing.