Navigate up/down in Key Editor on notes with same start position

Hi! Please allow these two commands to work on notes with the same start position. Thank you!


Sorry, I don’t understand your request.

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Sorry, I’m a little sad because the Score Editor didn’t get any new features/improvements in Cubase 13…

Here’s some clarification on the current feature request.


You can do this by using the left/right arrow keys. If you want to add the selection (so multiple notes are selected), use the Shift + left/right arrow keys, please.

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Unfortunately, using the left and right arrow keys doesn’t work if the notes are in separate MIDI parts. I appreciate the feedback though.


Then this is quite different feature request, in fact. The 1st (not mentioned) part is, that the shown parts interact among each other (even if they are inactive).

Or am I missing something?

Look. What you suggested is a workaround.

No. It’s the same feature request. I’d like—if possible—to be able to use the Navigate Up/Down commands to alternatively select notes inside a chord. The workaround you mentioned is good (using left/right arrow keys), but only if all notes are inside the same MIDI part.

No matter if the parts interact or not with each other (inside the Key Editor), I’d like to be able to select notes inside a chord alternatively using Navigate Up/Down commands.

If it’s not possible, it’s fine (really). Thanks anyway.