Navigate with arrow keys "skip" the automation lane

Hello, I really need cubase not to skip automation lanes when using navigate arrow keys. Because I am using some macro that require me to add the automation lane to selection with “add down”

If there is no event on the track, it works. But as soon as there is an event, it skips to the next track (even if that track is disabled)


If any Audio/MIDI Event/Part has been selected in the Project window and you use arrow up/down, Cubase selects the Audio/MIDI Event/Part aboe/bellow. If there is an automation track in-between, the automation node becomes selected. If the Tracks Selection follows the event selection, then also the track becomes selected.

If nothing is selected in the arranger area, the arrow up/down is selecting the track, including the (visible, i.e. if they are expanded) automation tracks.

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Therefore, is there a command or ple to « deselect » all events ?

Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A = Select None

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