Navigating between tuplet and notes


Is there a way to navigate between a tuplet number and the notes using the keyboard? For example, I have regular notes already written than need to be converted to tuplet(s). I select the first note, hit the tuplet popover to create it (say 3:2). Dorico creates the tuplet bracket, but now the selection focus is the new tuplet number/bracket, and I can’t find a way to select my notes that need to be re-arranged following that tuplet conversion (other than manually clicking, which I try to avoid).

Searching in the forums led me to this thread (2nd screenshot), but it does not seem to have any solution yet, anything new?

Thank you for any help!

Have you tried selecting all the notes you want to change first, then invoke the tuplet?

Sometimes if Tab doesn’t work I just Shift+arrow to the left/right to select adjacent material so that you can then press left/right out of that selection, to the next note.

Shift+arrow works, thank you!