Navigating directly to File Browser in Right Zone?

Does anyone know if there is a key command or method to directly open the file browser in the right zone?

I’ve tried using templates and workspaces, but in each case Cubase ‘forgets’ where I was and defaults back to the top level in the Media tab, meaning I have to click through to get to my files again.

I can still use the Media Bay, but it would be nice for the right zone to either remember where I was, or allow me to access my files with on key command?

I have the exact same problem and googling came to your post … I’m trying to use more Cubase and less Ableton, but Ableton does work like we need it in this situation (just like a regular finder, where clicking to the right while standing on a folder takes you directly to the folder’s contents (samples). it is the quickest workflow to audition lots of samples

right now I stand on the folder … and then I have to get to mousepad to access the samples. really?