Navigating in iPad App

How can I navigate between the notes and the Chord Symbol using the arrow keys?

I ask because, it’s quite tedious inputting Chord Symbols, because the only way I’ve found to do this properly is to press/click the note, then [SHIFT + Q] to input the Chord Symbol. But when I’m done with the Chord Symbol, the arrow keys don’t allow me to move forward to input the next Chord Symbol.

Maybe I’m missing something, otherwise if you have a workaround that would be awesome thanks!

In my experience, once one types in the chord (in the popover), SPACE moves to the next beat and RIGHT ARROW moves to the next step of the rhythmic grid one has in effect. (and TAB moves to the start of the next measure).

Unfortunately that behaviour doesn’t work on the iPadOS version :frowning:

My mistake: I should read the title more carefully. I notice one can move an existing chord symbol with OPT+ARROW but not more the chord popover by grid value in advance of entering a chord.

Presumably that will be fixed in due course; sad that it does not exist yet.

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Yes, the plan is that we will add buttons to the popover itself to allow you to navigate to the next beat or bar. Sorry that this hasn’t yet been implemented.