Navigation arrows not predictable for lyrics in Engrave

I appreciate the increased predictability of the L/R arrows in Write mode.

When navigating lyrics in Engrave mode, the selection is much less predictable.

Could we get that same predictable selection in this case down the road? Only asking for this because I’m about to compile a massive hymnal, and I would greatly benefit from improved selection of lyrics here.


We’re unlikely to change this any time soon, I’m afraid. There’s nothing lyrics-specific about the way navigation works in Engrave mode: it’s purely graphical, and it’s unlikely to be something we change in the near future.

Dan, would having 2 windows open (one Write Mode and one Engrave Mode) be an improved workflow for this? You could navigate using the Write Mode window and then switch to the Engrave Mode window to do any Engrave edit (or simply use one window and switch between modes).

Not really in this case, because I’m wanting to nudge lyrics left or right as needed.

When navigating in Write Mode, the selected lyric is also selected in Engrave Mode - it’s just a matter of switching focus to the Engrave Mode window. It’s pretty quick on my computer. :slight_smile:

Circling back around on this request… literally.

This is Right Arrow, depressed ad infinitum. I literally can’t get to the next bar using only arrows.

This sort of thing happens pretty often, and you can see it’s not just when there are multiple stanzas of lyrics. I do prefer to stay on the arrow keys in Engrave, but it’s frequently difficult to do so…