Will the playhead follow your selection on the timeline?
Say, your screen is at bar 107, but you want to play from bar 42, where the “bad guy” enters the room. You click in the timeline at the cue-name, the playhead follows you, the screen updates, you press space-bar and Voila! the cue plays from the right spot.

Is this happening already? Will it happen later?

Thank you!

Why not just wait and see?

Oh, boy! SMH :unamused:

The playhead is not yet implemented, but the plan is that you will be able to play back from the selected point, or move the playhead independently of the selection as needed.

will there be a fast forward/rewind like in Cubase (shift + or -) ?
Or go to a marker ?

Yes, I expect we will have functions to move the playhead faster than real time.

Hi Daniel:

Somewhat related, will there be a “loop” function where you can select a passage (all instruments, or just some of them) and play back that passage repeatedly?


We do plan to have a loop playback feature, yes, though whether or not it makes it into the first release is up in the air at the moment.