Navigation feature request

When fixing up parts, I often find myself needing to fix the same issue in multiple parts and/or the score. The shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+[ and +] are of course great for this, but I would love the option to automatically go to a view that contains the measure of the selected item, even if it’s selected in another part. Is the current default the last used view of that part/score? At least when editing and formatting, that’s rarely where I want to go. If there was an option to automatically go to a view with the selected measure, that would be a pretty big time saver in the editing/formatting process.

would having more tabs open help ? (the + sign in the upper right).

Not really. I’m basically looking for speed when I realize I’ve messed something up and need to edit it. Most common situation is realizing it while editing in a part, and wanting to jump to the score and be right at the measure that is selected in the part. Sometimes it’s something that will need adjusted in all parts so leaving the item selected and quickly moving through the parts with the keyboard shortcut would be helpful too. I’m coming to Dorico from Finale and Finale works this way, so I do notice a bit of a speed difference as I have to go to the score/part, and then scroll around to find the measure I need to edit. It’s not a big deal, but let’s say it takes me 5 seconds longer per part to find the area I need to edit. 5 seconds x 18 parts x 10 separate instances in an arrangement, and all of a sudden this takes me 900 seconds or 15 minutes longer to do in Dorico. It adds up.

within a tab containing the fullscore, if you select a note and then switch to that part, it will take you to that measure and highlight that note in the part. likewise, when in a tab with a part, if you select a note and switch to the fullscore, it will take you to that section of the score. you can do this in as many tabs as you want
(the switch is done with that pulldown at the top-center). Each tab can be a different view-pair.

i just discovered W is the keyboard shortcut for this
(Window->counterpart layout)

Yes, w is the solution here.

I’ve just wondered about the W shortcut; and I still haven’t quite understood it. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn’t. What exactly is considered a counterpart, and when?

In Finale there was a specific shortcut to switch between the full score and the last edited part. I’m kind of missing that sometimes.

W doesn’t work reliably if you have a system object selected, for obvious reasons. It also won’t work if you’ve just selected an implicit rest, as the help page helpfully points out.

Ahh, this is great, thanks!! That seems to work well between score and parts, but I still wish the view would be consistent when using Shift-Alt-{ or ] too. Often I’ll make a layout tweak and want it to be consistent among 4 trumpets for example, but I don’t want to do Propagate Part Formatting again for fear of screwing something else up. Being able to quickly move between parts and keep the measure I’m editing in view is something I still miss from Finale.

yes, you are getting into 2 issues that have had much coverage and need “tweaking” by the developers…

  1. propagate formatting
  2. the weird jumping around that occasionally takes place when you move around, and sometimes unpredicable behavior of the arrow keys

You might find this video on multiple displays useful :

I don’t think this is remotely relevant to what the OP is describing. If you switch to a layout that doesn’t have anything selected in it, that layout will show whichever page/system was in focus the last time that layout was open. This is by design.

not directly, correct; I was referring to this comment previous:
…Being able to quickly move between parts and keep the measure I’m editing in view

It just pertains to that general ability to concentrate on a section of music without something in the tool being a distraction. The thread simply reminded me of this quirk.