Navigation in MixConsole

After about one and a half year with Cubase the navigation in the MixConsole makes me tired of mouse moving only to reach top or bottom within a channel.

If the MixConsole doesn’t fit the screen or the mass of channels doesn’t fit horizontally, most of the navigation actions are moving to the right or bottom scrollbars.

So why the hell, can’t we scroll from a point anywhere in the MixConsole?

Next is, when trying to scrolling up/down/left/right the parameters changes when hovering an eq controller (or anything else). Crazy behavior for a navigation tool, like the mouse is.

Maybe a modifier key will be a solution when changing parameters, but please don’t break the normal behaviour of a navigation tool.

very annoying, indeed.
as I suggested once already there should be an option to inactivate the mouse wheel when hovering over mixer parameters.