Navigation of Help section

Any chance help could be easier to navigate?

For instance, the heading of VISUAL could be for finding everything you do to change what you see on the screen no matter if it’s in Write or Engrave, or wherever, even adding or changing controls that appear.
Whereas SOUND would be everything you hear.

That’s the idea, with possible other categories.

More like the 20 questions game, where you find anything by reducing the categories to smaller and smaller possibilities with knowing little to nothing about where to go, by drilling down

It’s always useful to hear feedback from users about ways in which we could improve the navigability of our documentation and help materials. However, a wholesale reorganisation of the documentation isn’t likely at this stage.

What is more actionable for us is to hear from you specific cases of things that you tried to find and were unable to, or that took longer than you would have preferred. What were you looking for, what search terms did you use?

Thank you for sharing this, as Daniel says it really is very helpful to hear from users about their experiences using the documentation in the real world.

Please do share any specific examples you have of ‘search journeys’ you’ve been on, e.g. “I wanted to know how to do X, so I searched for Y but couldn’t find what I was looking for”. It helps us know how people phrase their queries and allows us to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for in future.