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I’m a video editor, by trade, but I HATE Cubase Key commands, and I wat to intuitively move through time to set markers.

How do I step through time (the timeline) on the grid, beat by beat?

I found the Numpad + & -, but I want to change the value of the movement to match the Quantize grid. Ideas?

You are new and your 10th word on this forum is hate (in capital letters). Welcome anyway.

Set the Nudge setting to the desired step value…

If the Nudge palette is not visible at the top, click on the marked cogwheel in the upper right corner of the Project window.

And you can change any key command to your liking: menu Edit → Key Commands

Thanks for the assist, Johnny.

My passion about the non-intuitive, non-human keyboard commands aside, I appreciate your help.

As I understand it, Nudge is for moving selected items backwards or forwards in time, like in ProTools, another program I’ve had years using. When I use Rewind and Forward (Num -/+), the amount they move is not precise or what I need.

For context, I am mapping markers in the timeline against picture on the video track, and stepping through time against the video, well, you get it. I haven’t mastered the Tempo track yet, but being able to step through would be great.
Any other insights?

Thanks again,


I’m not at studio right now, but if I’m not mistaken, you can also link the natch with the Zoom Level.

Hold down ctrl while pressing + or -

that doesn’t do anything [ctrl+ “+”\

@Salmassy7 Open the Key Command dialog, and search for the word nudge.

There are two types, one for nudging a selected item , the other for nudging the transport cursor.

I am sorry, that was my bad. I read your second post too hastily, thinking you found the correct key commands for cursor placement already.

Hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or Cmd key (Mac) and then use NumPad + or Numpad - to move the cursor/playhead in steps.
The part about nudge determines the step size.

And again, you can define all key commands yourself any way you like it. I have the same issue in return having recently started to use DaVinci Resolve and struggle badly with their key commands as it is vastly different from Cubase.
Some of Cubase’s default key commands go back to 1989. So whenever somebody complains about Cubase’s key commands the reply usually is: it was there first, the others are doing it wrong. :slight_smile: