"Nearly solo" function

Often when I work on a track that is relatively quiet, I would like to reduce the volume of all the other tracks, let’s say by 5dB.
Is there a “nearly solo” function that could do that with just a click or shortcut key? (outside of the control room)

Set up the control room, and use the Listen button instead of Solo…

I only use one type of device (my headset), so unless I missed something, there is no good reason in my case to bother setting up the control room, am I right?

No, you should use the control room, even if Listen is the only feature you are going to use.The Volume control and being able to add plugins after the Master ( for example a EQ, that does not get Rendered when doing mix downs) are also valuable tools.

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All right, I will give it a try!
Thanks for your answer

as @peakae already wrote the listen bus is doing this