Neat Features of Cubase 12 I like

On my fifth month of learning Cubase 12. Some features that stand out so far to me:

  1. Edit It in Place (think mini view of the key editor in the project window)

  2. Customized Scales (create your own)

  3. Ability to separate midi from a single midi event, and separate them to different tracks/lanes.

  4. Decoupling the key editor from the project window

  5. Converting Track Versions to Lanes

  6. A/B referencing from the control room (I use keyboard shortcut pause break to switch back from my mix to reference). My reference is gain staged at -18.

  7. Transpose track ( for different sections of a song I might change the semitones for different instruments).

  8. Drum Editor-Really easy to program drums. Easier than other DAW’s step sequencers. It’s nice having a keyboard shortcut to change the velocity, and others. Has individual snap sizes.

  9. Dock different tracks like the transpose/chord/tempo track at the top in Cubase.

  10. Ghost Notes (yes like FL)

  11. Midi Inserts-Step Designer, Arpache 5 etc. Record a chord progression. Add arpache 5, and then change the “step size”, and “length” to ¼. You get a melody going here. To merge that with your chords go to “midi” then “merge midi in loop”. You also can click on the midi event. Hit ctrl A, and move the midi notes up an octave or something. Then select “merge midi loop”. Then right click, and use the glue tool. From here you can see your top line melody with your chords in one midi event.

  12. Show channels for tracks-Let’s say I have a 4 bar loop for my chorus. When I select “show channels for tracks with data between the locators” Cubase will only show the faders for the tracks that are in the chorus only.

  13. Spectral Comparison EQ

  14. Frequency-Ability to sidechain 8 inputs

  15. Spectralayers-Very useful in creating unique instruments or comparing contrast with certain instrument for you song. Ex. I might might take the high or mid frequency from an instrument.

  16. Gain Staging-So easy with the pre-gain slider.


Yep… Your list shows in a way how full-featured Cubase has becomed, through the years. I could add several other ones, but each of us uses it differently, so…

There are irritating bugs that should be more quickly fixed but overall, it’s a pleasure to launch Cubase each time : everything is there, with a rather easy to use and nice UI. :slightly_smiling_face:

Every once in a while my Cubase freezes. That just shouldn’t happen.
I think a lot of work could be done in better error trapping and handling exceptions.

But I share the enthusiasm of the OP about how full fledged Cubase is.

It never freezes, here, but the main issue I have is when I quit Cubase : sometimes, it just refuses to leave me… :sunglasses: :laughing:

Not a lot then :upside_down_face: :grin: :joy: Pro is an absolute joy to work with , it never stops amazing me , if you think you know most things some else rears it’s head and your left thinking “well i never knew that”
Cubase is finicky and take sometime to setup the perfect flow for yourself but when you do … it’s pure lush . for instance ,today i working on 32 individual tracks from GA5se ,all with the one midi track , all drums on the same map but under total control in the mixer of every aspect of the sound and then 'Render in place ’ all 32 tracks at once to convert to audio tracks and work from there . It really is a joy .
No freezes , no crashes

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For me my favorite new feature is the new Audio Warping tool, so easy to use now and with multi track. I just nned scissors snap to hitpoint now. :slight_smile:

I love using that.