Neat iPad tool for shortcuts

Just happened to come across this.

I have been using AC-7 Core as a Mackie like control surface and been very happy with it.

Just got TouchOSC, which is similar, but has a bunch of programming aspects to it.

Both at MIDI based.

But stumbled across an ap called Custom Keypad. Basically, you can program/place buttons and controls all over the iPad.

So for example, you could program it for many of the keyboard shortcuts, and hit a button instead of doing control/alt/whatever. And you can label the keys too.

I’m an old fart, and I really don’t spend enough time to remember all of the shortcuts, and labels would help this thing looks really handy.

You need to run VNC (shares your desktop with the iPad), but I just got my wife an iPad. So maybe AC-7 Core on one and Custom Keypad on another.

Just thought ya’ll might be interested.



I bought this app a couple of months ago have been very happy with the improvement in my workflow. I’m in the process of completing a Cubase 6 layout that I would be happy to share with any interested parties. It has a general tracking page with transport and other common functions and about ten more pages dedicated to the various Cubase menus. It’s about 70% complete but very useable even now. Eventually I will have a button for every command in Cubase. Now it has several hundred. I started with a basic transport, then every time I went to type a key command or mouse to a menu, I stopped and programmed a button in the Custom Keypad app. I’ve been paid back many, many times for the time it took.

I also have a Sibelius 7 layout if anyone is interested.

Have you guys checked V-Control?

It’s not as powerful as this app is in regards to key commands, but it’s got a few of them plus a mixer. Soon they will also incorporate plugin control (ANY Plugin) directly from your iPad. I’m talking about being able to actually see the plugin GUI in your iPad and controlling any of its parameters through it. I’m just waiting for that feature to come out before I get the Pro version. There’s a free version as well, if you wanna check it out.

Thanks for the heads up, btw.

Here’s a screenshot of the first page of my cubase layout- sorry if this isn’t the right way to do this…

really great is the red “round button” pages ?

The round red buttons take you directly to other pages or you you can scroll through them.

Thanks so much for posting this. I just got the iPad 3 and didn’t really like any of the “daw control” apps out there that offer transport and fader controls, cause I’ll usually control faders and plugins on screen. This is perfect for getting the exact controls I consistently use.

How about Lemur?

An iPad version of the hardware controller.

Developers site:Liine

There is a very cool template for Cubase designed by the Home Music Production page guy.
But, using the Lemur editor program, you can layout about anything you want, for any MIDI or OSC controlled plugin/hardware.

The Cubase template - after a bit of fiddling to get the MIDI communication over my network to work - was very cool.

The only thing I missed was meters for the tracks. Haven’t dug into the editor enough to know if this kind of feedback is possible.
So I am using AC-7 core, mostly. Also very cool, particularly for 7.99.
But the look, flexibility and programmability of Lemur has great promise.

Is it possible to specify group Studio sends in any of these?

I control most things from my Win7 touch screen, but I want to allow my wife to control her own foldback mix using the source groups’ Studio sends.