Neat trick to create a submix fader that includes FX returns

After reading the topic

I found a neat solution for the folowing problem: You have a project that is almost finished but then someone wants to do some overdubs, for example a vocal, but the song is way to loud in comparison to the overdub vocal on your phones. You could try to link all faders, and reduce the overal level of the mix, but how to exactly restore the mix once you are done?

This may help; a simple, quick way to level the mix, INCLUDING effect returns( so the overal balance remains the same):

Create a group channel, routed to main mix by default, name it ‘submix’ , route all your sounds/other groups to that fader exept your FX returns.
Create an FX channel", name it “all FX”, empty, routed to main mix by default.
Route all FX channels to this effect channel
place the “submix” and “all FX” faders side by side in your arrangement/mixer and link them.

Route the channel(s) you want to record/ouverdub to your mainmix instead of “submix”

Now you have a simple way (one fader; the submix or the all FX fader) to level your total mix compared to your overdub channels. Reseting the fader to zero restores your mix.

if you include this in your template it will always be available…

It sounds good, but I think this is the scenario where the control room can prove its worth…

In the controlroom It is impossible to mix your full stereomix " as is" in an easy way with extra signals ( unless you loop the mix back into cubase in some way without latency) It is either aux or mix. Unusable for me. This is a workaround for this problem…

Not really.

Anyway the way I do it is (mainly if latency is a problem as my levels are set quite low) to just do a quick mixdown of the project, turn off all fx, etc and track away till done.