Nebula 3 users... how's it working in Cubase?

I downloaded the trial of Nebula 3 free, and I found it to be an amazing sounding plugin.
I subsequently purchased Nebula 2 because of the price, but I am finding Nebula 2 to not be working very smoothly,
it introduces large amounts of latency.
Is anyone using Nebula 3 Pro with succes in Cubase on a PC? I really like how this plug in sounds, but I am unsure of its performance in Cubase.


I have Nebula 3 Pro and use it moslty with R2R and tape booster libraries.

I find its performance to be pretty heavy on CPU, I have an i920 CPU and no way I can use it on every tracks. But it’s better that the previous versions (Nebula 2, etc.).

Using the Nebula3 reverb version makes things a little lighter on CPU but I have to say I tend to print tracks when I use Nebula.

As for latency, it doesn’t bother me because Cubase compensates.

To sum up I find it works fine, and it sounds good indeed, but it’s still a little too heavy on CPU for my taste.

Thanks for the info, I am likely to go to Nebula3 , my freind loves Nebula.

I have installed it as well, and it seems to work great in a x64 environment, but I’m not sure what it does to be honest. I’m still new in regards to the more detailed and complex editing capabilities. Can anyone give me a basic overview on what it does?


Recently purchased Nebula3Pro.

Few things I’ve learnt so far

The Pro version is more CPU efficient than the demo.
There are some great Nebula Impulses out there free and commercial. Some are very subtle and require an experienced ear.
It can be complicated to get the best out of it, but I have found it’s a tool worth pursuing.
I felt it was ‘The Emporers New Clothes’, however this is definately not the case.
It’s more intended for use on mixdown on groups and master buses, used sparingly, wisely and I have achieved several instances running at once. When mixing down latency is not an issue.
You will have to adjust the latency (higher, more delay), to get the best out of it working live or on the fly.

Impulses I have played with :

Mixture of the free bundled impulses (several hundred).
Alexb’s MBC and eQB
Anolgueinabox Mammoth Eq and expansion

Worth checking out CDSoundmaster but have yet to get used to what I have.

There’s a lot to learn and definately a Pro bit of kit. It’s a serious tool and in my opinion is very useful for mixdown, mastering and the like. Don’t expect to get immediate results and self gratification.

It’s sampling very high end kit and personally I don’t feel that a lot of people will benefit unless they have high grade setup. But I may be wrong. Let’s face it you wouldn’t want to push a £50K+ mixing desk thtough your average home amplifier…well you might!

Anything I missed feel free to add…as I said I’m a novice with Nebula and in the experimental stages. Still learning and learning and learning…learning, listening, tweaking and learning.

its easy in general. some guy has a good piece of hardware. lets say massive passive. he records it with signals and edits this signals and puts them back into nebual. now he can upload them. and a guy somewehre on the planet can download the setting and use the exact massive passive setting.
most people record many settings - so people can tweak there virtual hardware like a sw vst. they name them like “Mammoth” and sell them for ~40$. much cheaper than the original thats about 5000$. It depends on the library and the ad and sample rate the guy converted it. but in general you get crisp analog sound! its top notch. maybe the best ever.

there are many vintage and modern libraries. also some weird stuff like radio tubes etc.

bought it back at version 2. i find its behaviour can get a little erratic in CPU-heavy projects; unfortunately it’s not one of the most stable plugins, but definitely adds a colour to the sound that’s unique.

Beware if you have NVidia videocards with cuda support that Nebula can do offloading to the GPU, it however needs some steps in configuration to get it in working order. I personally use the cuda engine within video editing applications which makes rendering in realtime a feast.