Nebula 4 finder used with offline processing

Anyone out there tried to do offline processing with Nebula 4? The finder window is external and cannot be accessed when in the Offline Processing dialog box in Cubase, so therefore can’t load any programs.

Doesn’t the old style preset menu work if you right click on it.

EDIT Ok…so not sure why you have this issue but I can use either the old preset system or the new finder without any problem.

Thanks for confirming. I’ll go back and double my efforts, not sure what I was doing differently…

Yep, I definitely cannot access the Finder window and also cannot load a preset the old way. Are you on Windows or Mac?

The one what it says in my signature…But I think whether YOU are on WIndows or Mac is probably the more useful question to be answered here in case anyone else joins the conversation. :wink:

We are on different systems…