NECTAR 3/Cubase Won't Save Settings in Projects

Hi All:

Anyone else experiencing or have a solution for this??

Just bought Nectar 3 (Love it!) – but it won’t save its settings in Cubase Projects from session to session. When I re-open the project, Nectar 3 shows in Audio Insert slot but does not work. (Maybe 1 out of 5 times it does.) The only way to then re-engage it seems to be to delete the instance, choosing No Effect, then re-choose Nectar again. THEN I have to reselect Preset and/or any other custom settings all over again. NOT GOOD. It holds the settings fine for any current session. I save it that way (of course) – but no matter what, it opens the next session with Nectar dead in the water.

What am I missing here? :question: This is the first time Cubase hasn’t saved any plugin settings for me. I see nothing in Nectar that would indicate need to save anything additionally there.

I’m running Cubase Artist 9.5.41 in Win 10.

Please and THANK YOU for any help!


Nectar 3 installs both VST 2 and VST 3 versions. The VST 3 was “hidden” from me in the Vocals folder. I was just using the unmarked VST 2 in general list. Once found, the VST 3 works fine… saves all settings as far as I can see.

I’m using izotope Nectar in Cuebase 8.5. When I export a stereo mix the effects are not present. In addition, when going back to the program and play my tracks, the effects will not work. They have to be deleted and reloaded just to hear them again.