Need 2nd License: Crossgrade again? Portable update?

I really need a second copy of Dorico (one at studio and one on laptop). I don’t need to use them at the same time… but I also struggle with ALWAYS having the dongle at hand when needed in a pinch. Consequently, I’m still having to open Finale at the studio for quick note taking or similar.

Can we not have a reduced price for a second seat or could we use our cross-grade purchasing option for additional copies? I can’t justify dropping another $600 for the license… but am feeling screwed by the system whenever I need to open my studio copy for quick work and my laptop (and Dorico dongle) is at home.

Please help.

If you can cope with the limitations, then a copy of Dorico Elements might be the thing as your ‘second’?

Not sure… if I create a project in Pro, and it uses those extra features, can I open it in Elements?

My experience has been that if you create it in Pro and open it in Elements, it will be read-only.

At least for a score of more than 12 players.

any updates on this…?. :

Projects created in Dorico Pro can be edited just fine in Dorico Elements, though as Dan says they will open in read-only mode if they contain more than 12 players.

Frank, the work on the replacement system for our eLicenser technology is ongoing, but I can’t share any date at this stage. We will certainly be with the eLicenser for at least the next major version cycle of Dorico, but hopefully not too many more after that.

To Dorico users,

I have been thinking about using Dorico, could anyone advise if an upgrade from other notation software cancel’s any license I already use.


In this regard, I can recommend you to contact the support, that’s the way I got my second license.

If you’re referring to a crossgrade, then no—you keep your other licenses. You just need to show them for proof.

To dankreifer,

Yes I was referring to a crossgrade what proof of ownership is required by Steinberg.


You’ll need to provide them with a serial number for Finale or Sibelius, which will have to go through an online approval process.

Only the serial number? Does Steinberg have a means to verify that a serial number for a competing product is valid? That might open up interesting business opportunities for them… :smiling_imp: :wink:

Avid, MakeMusic and Steinberg all sell crossgrades. I suspect they might share some sort of licence verification software or something. On the other hand, maybe they just trust people not to submit forged screenshots or made-up licence codes. I’d imagine there’s some sort of checksum built into each company’s licence codes, at least, which would make it easy to verify if a licence/serial could be valid, and given the standard rule that each licence can only be used to verify one crossgrade purchase, a list of “used” codes is presumably kept.

I should probably stop speculating, shouldn’t I?

Dorico Crossgrades:

Hi Everyone,

I don’t want to seize the original post how would I go about getting this thread posted as a new thread
And talk a bit more on crossgrade options.

Also thanks everyone for your help or advise.


Just ask whatever questions you have and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Is it possible to use the same serial number from other software for a second cross-grade copy of Dorico?

I know the answer to that one. :frowning: Unless it has changed…

I guess you will not get a definite answer to this question here on the forum.

Instead, go to your Steinberg account, open a support ticket with your question and you will get the answer soon:

Daniel’s here constantly, giving definite answers to all sorts of questions. This particular question was asked barely two hours ago.