Need 8.1

Hi all,

Can anyone help me out, where can i download ver 8.1 ?

I just bought Nuendo 8 few days back, the new curve automation in 8.2 is slowing my work, please help…


I think that the initial install is still available in your MySteinberg account.


How? I’m not sure how that’s possible.

Maybe anyone who still have 8.1 downloaded file can email me?

Luis osted a link in this thread:

I had to trash the prefs to get N8.1 working after installing the 8.1.10 Update over the 8.2 installation.

Thanks for the link, unfortunately i am on Window platform

Curve are useful during composing, but after my final mix, i wil import it to mix with audio dialog, that’s where it is slowing my work as i have to mix music n dialog…

At times i had to make an automation point in between dialog, the curve point is disturbing… so i to zoom really close… it is costing me time…

I wish there will be a disable features soon…