Need a couple quick hardware recommendations

Hello Everyone

Long time lurker here. Finally making the investment into home recording. I was hoping i could get a mother board and ram recommendation for a PC i’m getting ready to order parts for to build.

I’ve decided to build the pc around an intel i7-4790 4Ghz.
i’m using a SSD for the OS and programs, reg hard drive for file storage

I’m not sure what type of mother boards i should be looking at. I’m cognoscente of the socket type that must be bought. But is there a particular manufacturer or type of MB that I should be sourcing for a recording application?

I’m planning on sticking in 32GB of ram, ddr3 corsair vengeance. Is there a better selection that you would recommend?

I’m not to concerned with the cost differences between different mother boards and ram. Things seem to be pretty reasonable building around the said processor.

Thank you for your time everyone

Obviously one with the connectivity you need, although going by what you wrote, you don’t need anything special.
One thing to note is the size of the motherboard (usually ATX or miniATX), check if they will fit in your computer case.
I don’t know much about the chipsets available for that CPU, but determine if you want to overclock or not. If not, you can probably get away with a cheaper chipset. In my experience cheaper chipsets are favourable for a DAW because they have less functionality you won’t use anyway :wink:

As for brands: MSI, Asus or Gigabyte should all be solid. Asrock gives shorter warranty so I don’t trust them, but I have no experience to back that up.