Need a litle help sleuthing a problem please

I’m getting “double” hits sounding (and recording) when I play my MIDI keyboard through any Cubase project. The double hits are erratic, not always the same. They can happen with a single note being hit or a large chord, with or without the pedal being hit. The double hits are about (guessing by ear) 30-40 msec apart. The MIDI data itself is clean (i.e., not doubled).

I have SX3, and my keyboard is a Motif, connected by a USB cable. I’m listening through headphones (no access to monitors currently). Interestingly (ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times …”), it only happens when I play in the Motif’s “Song Mode”, not its “Voice Mode”. I don’t get the double hits when I just play through my soundcard with Cubase off, or even if Cubase is on - as long as there is no project open.

I’ve done the following to troubleshoot, without getting any wiser:

  1. Toggle “Use System Timestamp” on and off.
  2. Toggle “Send Control data to MIDI automation track”.
  3. Toggle between “Manual” monitoring, and “Tape Machine Style”.
  4. Toggle the little yellow monitor button.
  5. Toggle “Local Control” on the keyboard.

Any ideas, please?


Both Problems solved: I noticed when I inadvertently didn’t have an “Out” routed from the channel I was recording to, there was no longer a “double hit”.

So I went and turned my buffer from 1024 to 512 (23 msec to 12 msec latency) and the “double hits” are gone.

So is the weird “phasy” thing on the “Song Mode” voice.

I guess what was happening is I was hearing the audio output from the Motif through Cubase, and it was delayed just enough after the MIDI output that I was getting weird phasy things/comb filering.