Need a little help with using Master Pages efficiently/properly

I’m trying to find the ‘best’ way to solve this little page titling issue:

If you see the master page layout example I’m using:

and that gives me this result:

The header on page 2 is what I was trying to achieve, but that ends up with “project name -” on any new flow. Ideally I’d really like to lose that hyphen on new flow headers.

So with my limited understanding of how page sets work, my solution would be to make a new master page with the correct header for the start of each new flow and then manually change all those pages to that. However in a project with 22 flows and 5 players that’s 21 x 5 = 105 manual page changes. Is there a more efficient way to achieve what I’m trying to do?


Sometimes it is easier to change your First MP (which can be set to appear whenever a new flow begins on a new page) and then create a Custom MP to assign to the very first page of your document.


Ahhh I didn’t realise I could set a specific master page to appear at the start of each new flow. Perfect solution, thanks!