Need a new activation key


I have Cubase Element 7 on my iMac and need to have it also installed on my Macbook.
Unfortunately, this Cubase can only be installed once.
Who to ask, where to ask to have another activation key number?
Thanks in advance for your help
P.S wouldn’t it be easier to enable more than once installation?

Well, that is the limitation of the software eLicenser used by Elements. You can only install it on one machine but you do not need the USB eLicenser. For what you want to do you will have to buy a USB eLicenser and transfer the license onto the USB dongle. Then, you can move the dongle back and forth between the machine you are using Elements on. Keep in mind that this process (transferring the license to the USB dongle) is NOT reversible.

… which brings me to another (similar) question. I have an unlimited mp3 encoder license on my USB-eLicenser (bought at the time when I had Artist 6 installed). I now have Elements 7 and I would like to transfer that USB license from the dongle to the soft-eLicenser, but it doesn’t seem possible . How can I transfer this? (dragging it in the license control center to the soft-eLicenser doesn’t seem to work.) Is this mp3 encoder software version dependent? Somehow I don’t think that it would (or should) be. On my soft-eLicenser is also (still) a trial version of the mp3 encoder, as well as the Elements 7 trial version that it came with, neither of which I can remove. Might it have something to do with that they are still running until December 30?

The license transfer requires an internet connection. Other than that, I don’t know of any reason why it shouldn’t work. It is designed to work with Elements or Artist, so I seems like it should be able to be used on the soft eLicenser. You may have to contact support.

Well, well. Instead of buying a new USB eLicenser, I will definitely turn to LogicProX, they are not so mean.

seems like it should be able to be used on the soft eLicenser. You may have to contact support.

I did and it turns out you can’t transfer a license from an USB-licenser to a soft-licenser, only the other way around. But … to give some praise to Steinberg customer support - not only did they inform me of the facts but, in view that I had just purchased (yet another) version of Cubase (in order to be dongle-less!), they graciously (and probably exceptionally) supplied me with a new activation code to enable me to use the mp3 license I already owned with the soft-licenser on the hard disk. So there … even though that item isn’t all that expensive, I thought it was gracious and a nice gesture - they’re not all that mean!

Good luck with your new - and much larger and heavier - dongle.