Need a new keyboard Fredo?

Hi Fredo,
If memory serves you use the same logitech keyboard for Nuendo that I do.
Logitech finally came out with a replacement. They lost the USB hub but everything else is pretty great.
For the uninitiated, 18 x 3 command keys.

Yup, we are using the same.
The old ones though …


Well you definitely need news one then.
You can change the keyboard LED’s to match the colour of your console:)

After looking at what you guys have, I went online and bought the G510S. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy it. It looks pretty cool.

I got my keyboard yesterday. Love it. Now I need to program the crap out of it. So far, I just made a short cut for using Autotune. Do either of you guys have any other neat suggestions that could help speed processing?

Build your sets of Key Commands slowly.
There is simply no way you can memorise a few dozen Key Comamnds.
Just add whatever you bump into as “A Key Command would be helpfull for that”.

The Keyboard has 3 layers.
Use each layer for specific tasks.
We have one for automation, editing and processing.

Make labels to put over the Keys.
I think I have a template somewhere …

I am about to order a new Keyboard as well - what about this:

My basic question (regarding that Logitech beast as well) is: I have to install additional software, or not? In the case of Logitech it was ALWAYS a bad thing to install Logitech software on an DAW - at least it was like that 15 years ago, 10 years ago - and I never went wrong NOT installing any additional keyboard/mouse software on my Audio computers.

Basically I like the idea to have additional keys - often I have to tripple assign keys (using shift, ctrl, alt and combinations out of that) - AND I would like to have that illuminated thing because a) it looks awesome ^^and b) often in a “quite dimmed” studio situation late at night I usually have a hard time when I have to type some words (tracknames etc) on my 9 year old keyboard all of a sudden…

Hi Brandy,
This keyboard looks awesome with lots of extra keys to program… However, it comes with a big 52.8 MB software

Release notes:
SteelSeries Engine 2.8.0445 (Windows)
Released: April 17, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the Kana v2 would sometimes not be recognized by SteelSeries Engine 2
  • Resolved an incompatibility issue between SteelSeries Engine 2 and other gaming mice

Agreed it would be cool in your studio at dawn when editing drums & guitars…
Have a nice day !

Hey Bifop,

great to see your around :slight_smile:

I am currently in the “want to build a new DAW but I better need to concentrate on a mix” mood (which returns about - roughly - all 4 years) and thats why I am here more often ^^

I would like to have those lights! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see you around here as well Brandy. But I must admit that since I cliked “Like” on your facebook page a while ago, I get your updates… :wink:
I like that picture with the Brandy sort of Bottle…

Keep on doing well Christoph !

Aaaah that was you!! :slight_smile: Well, I am always missing to update that damn FB studio profile - I usually only post on my “private” profile…

Sorry for talking OT here, Fredo & Wheels :slight_smile:
But I think a little bit of socializing can not hurt over here in that good old Nuendo board…

I am just glad we are all still alive !

Hey :slight_smile:

I just set up my new DAW including that cool Steelseries Keyboard… But I am not sure if I will keep it… It looks awesome in any way and it feels good but it feels not “significant” enough - coming from a more or less old-school keyboard were I was able to hit rec, stop, delete, esc, enter and so one even in emotional hot situations while tracking - just because my hands melted with the form of the keys and stuff…

on the new keyboard I have to take care not to hit the command keys by accident just because they are surrounding the “important” keys and the keys itself are not very “defined” regarding their form and layout.

So I just checked the 510s as well as a great G710+ in a local shop today.

The 510 feels cheep and plastic for me, sorry to say that - and I do not like that Atari look… but I tested that G710+ and it is awesome - it is with mechanic keys… unfortunately only 6 command keys… :–(

I am not sure… what to do… The keyboard is an important thing cause it can enable you to work fast … or slow… doing a lot of editing and recording here…
I ordered the 710 via Amazon so I will be able to compare in front of Nuendo…

Hi Brandy,
I’m curious why you would go with the G710+ over the G510s? 18 x 3 assignable keys over 6 x 3.
I can understand why you might think it might feel cheap but it isn’t.

It’s predecessor lasted me 7 or 8 years I think and Fredo uses them in their studios every day.

I know you record a lot of metal but you aren’t going to do this to your keyboard are you?

Just my 2 cents.

Hey Wheels!

Sorry for coming back delayed. Haha what a great advertisement! Cool :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

Well, I sent back the G710+ even though I liked it a lot - but after I was getting used more to my Steelseries keyboard I prefered the very flat and fast design as well as all the other features… I love these illuminated zones in different colors (makes it more intuitive) as well as I am already heavily using the programmable keys… In combi with the controller software that keyboard is a powerfull tool and I can set it up in different configurations which I can assign to applications - so for example it is possible to have a complete different setup (macros, colors etc) when working in Wavelab … I have quite a lot of those assignable keys - those on top of the F-keys I am using for quicklaunch stuff as well as for zoom presets - those on the left (similar to those the G510 has) are used for editing macros etc…

I would recommend not using the two keys on the very bottom because I often hit them per accident when reaching for ctrl & alt… because they are on a position were a “regular” keyboard has those ctrl & alt keys…